Alexis Baranek Art - online gallery, oil and acrylic paintings, landscapes, abstracts, jewelry


I am an artist living in beautiful Tennessee, USA. I have been painting and creating most of my life and although I have various important priorities in my life, creating is not an option - it is a necessity. Growing up in historic St. Augustine, Florida, with it's amazing architecture, living next door to a noted artist of the time as well as the beautiful Atlantic Ocean have always provided inspiration. After spending 10 plus years in the administrative field and wishing I could escape, I was finally able to direct more of my attention to art when we moved back to Florida from Charleston, SC. In recent years I've had even more inspiration from the mountains and seasonal changes in Tennessee.

I am mostly self-taught and learned much from numerous failures, books and more recently online courses and I find that as an artist you are always evolving, learning and at times becoming frustrated. I am not the type that can totally stick to doing the same type of creating, hence I work in several mediums and my style ranges from realistic to totally abstract. Although I've sometimes heard that an artist should stick to one style, I find that would totally stifle my creativity. I've observed that many other artists feel the same way. At times I venture into jewelry design and have also delved into other types of creation - it all keeps the inspiration flowing. My paintings are in collections around the United States as well as Canada and England.